Undefeated Lifestyle

The book of Proverbs states that a “righteous man falls seven times but gets up again.” Righteousness it seems has less to do with our surrent position than it does with our current disposition. Where we are in life doesn’t necessarily have to define where we are going. Living an undefeated lifestyle is an attitude, a mindset and a perspective.

In the beginning God created mankind in HIs image & likeness, after His personality & pattern so that mankind would look like and act like God. (Genesis 1:26) He granted mankind “Dominion” which is tranlated to mean authority, royal power & sovereignty. You were designed to live an undefeated lifestyle.

Being undefeated has less to do with the scoreboard of life & more to do with an attitude of heart.  Today, refuse to allow the setbacks or failures in life keep you from exercising the dominion you were wired with at your inception. God’s plans for you haven’t change regardless of your current position.

Get up. Your enemies can’t defeat you if you refuse to stay down.

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